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Mountain Journeys: Bali
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MOUNTAIN JOURNEYS: Bali, Home of the Gods

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Working with the Media Development Authority (Singapore) to develop a documentary for the HDTV Trial Broadcast, we produced “Mountain Journeys, Bali Home of the Gods”. This mountaineering/travelogue documentary featured David Lim and a “young never climbed mountains” Isabella Chiam attempting two mountains in Bali. A consummate mountaineer, David Lim, has climbed mountains in Tibet, Central Asia, India, Himalayas, Europe and the Americas. His love of high places has lead us to unusual sights and experiences in this production.


This journey brings the audience up the slopes of Gunung Agung and onto the summit of Gunung Batur, and to the Balinese people living on and around the mountain. The path up the mountains are very much like having a deep spiritual encounter with Bali. The mountains are revered by the locals and has an impressive peaks that is often covered by clouds and mists. Pura Besakih. a temple on the slopes of Gunung Agung captures the Balinese spiritual relation with their mountains.

The focus of this production will be on the Balinese mountains and the people who lives, plays and works on its slopes. It is a journey of discovery. The audience discovers the culture, food, and the people of the mountain world.

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