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Ad Idem, latin for being of one mind, means for us an agreement between partners; this serves as a guide for our development of communication solutions for our partners. We believe that great solutions can come about through a creative partnership with our clients.

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Mountain Journeys: Bali
World Expo, Japan
MYTC Sabah
1998 Singapore Mt Everest Expedition

As compulsive storytellers, we have been kept busy...

bali mountain shoot

25mins, Documentary, 2007

This production features climbing two mountains, Gunung Agung and Gunung Batur with Davd Lim and Isabella Chiam (...never climb mountains). Our hosts shares with the audience the pain and the joys of the experience of the journey up the mountain. In this journey, we discovered how inspiring a climb up a mountain truly is and the friendliness and warmth of the Balinese people who lives in a world of dance and colour This production was filmed entirely on Panasonic HD cameras working with Panasonic's DVCPRO HD formats to produce the necessary pristine images.

expo beach shoot

World Expo, Nagoya Japan
World without Walls, Singapore Pavilion, 2005

We produced the showcase production for the Singapore Pavilion, World without Walls. This video was played to the millions who throng the Singapore Pavilion, in a specially built theater that even features a rain making facility, drenching the delighted visitors with a shower during the show. Together with this video, we produced all other supporting videos used within the pavilion. The production showcased sights and sounds that are uniquely Singapore.

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Working with Hewlett-Packard (Education), we have developed media rich e-learning productions. The work in developing e-Learning begins a new area of work for us. Moving into the new media, and onto the internet, offers us the opportunity to stretch the boundaries of communication and how we can tell stories well.


Brothers of St Gabriel
Montfort Youth Training Centre, Sabah
12mins, Promotional Video, 2009

The Brothers saw a need to help the young men and women in Sabah. They responded to this need by providing a 2 year training and formation program for these youths. At the end of the 2 years, these young men leaves the Brothers and begin a new life with technical compentencies and the necessary life skills. We support the efforts and vison of the Brothers.


1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition, 1998
Part of our support for all things high, We produced promotional videos & a 25 min documentary that captures the challenge of the expedition and the spirit of adventure. Supporting the spirit of mountaineering, we helped staged an exhibition for them at the Singapore Science Centre before their climb, maintain the expedition’s web site during the expedition and were the conduit for information (including video clips and photos) to the media when the team was at the Everest. After the expedition, we designed and supervised the construction of an exhibition for the Singapore History Museum. THis exhibition was launched by the Singapore's President Ong Teng Cheong.